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Enterprise Culture

Consistent Workflow

In order to improve the quality control ability, quality consistency, and production efficiency, Honda Packing has continuously introduced advanced processing equipment, and gradually established more complete and efficient production lines. The whole manufacture procedure, including packaging printing, composition and bag-making, is fully performed by each department of the company. In addition, the company’s workshop and production line configuration are carefully planned, and combined with modern production management system. By thoroughly and strictly implementing the 5S System, the whole production system of Yantai Hongda Packing Co., Ltd. Has reached the international level (passed through the ISO 13485), and the product competitive advantage of Hongda Packaging has been improved greatly.


5S System

Seiri:Divide the items you want to avoid

Soicton:Place and mark the desired items in a positional and quantitative manner

Seiso:Keep the workplace or equipment clean and dust-free

Seiketsu:To maintain, rectify, clean up, and thoroughly maintain good conditions

Shotsuke:Obey the company's rules and develop habits, determine compliance

Enterprise Culture