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Yantai Hongda Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city of Longkou. The company has production equipment such as three-layer and seven-layer extrusion, film blowing, printing, compounding, cutting and bag making. The company mainly produces three-sided sealing, four-sided sealing ( organ inserting ), middle sealing ( organ inserting ), self-supporting zipper bag, paper-plastic window opening bag, easy - to - tear and easy - to - tear film ( bag ), PVDC high-temperature and low-temperature film ( bag ), seven-layer coextrusion, high-barrier casting film and other products. The company is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of various soft packaging materials and technologies, providing soft packaging solutions for food, medicine, daily chemicals, pesticides and other industries, and taking the lead in passing ISO 9001, QS quality certification, entry-exit food packaging containers and packaging materials for the record.


Hongda packaging is characterized by " first-class factory buildings, first-class equipment, first-class team". With high-tech content, high quality and standardized management as the core competitiveness of the company, Many multinational companies and well-known domestic enterprises are its main partners.


At present, the company has several domestic advanced plastic packaging production lines, equipped with the world's advanced 1050 mm high-speed solventless compound machine, high-speed dry compound machine, 700 mm high-speed octagonal seal ( square bottom bag ) bag making machine, 1300 mm high-speed slitting machine, Japan's taiyang high-speed compound machine, three-layer coextrusion blow molding machine and other equipment, as well as complete physical and chemical properties inspection equipment for products such as gas chromatograph, electronic tensile tester, friction coefficient tester, pendulum impact tester, back pressure high-temperature steaming and boiling machine. At present, the company produces 3000 tons of food-grade packaging bags and 5000 tons of polyethylene film annually.


The company has strong technical force and outstanding employees, perfect management and rigorous testing system. It has first-class equipment and product research and development center, and has many high-grade testing equipments to protect product quality.


The company adheres to the business philosophy of " high starting point, high quality and excellent service" and provides customers with the most satisfactory products wholeheartedly and sincerely to serve you!

Company Profile